If you’re searching for a new or used truck and trailer, it’s likely you’ve seen air suspension on the standard or optional features list. It’s also likely you’ve heard negative remarks about the feature especially concerning its long-term reliability. Of course, winter is here, which means freezing temperatures, muddy roads and some slipping and sliding on your morning commute. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get an air suspension system for your trucks, here are a few advantages to help you decide.

• It increases driving comfort.

• It has better drivability.

• It offers the driver a safer feeling.

• It automatically adjusts the ride height according to vehicle speed.

• It reduces wind resistance effectively.

• It reduces fuel consumption.

• Vehicles with air suspension are often said to glide over bumps.

• It increases firmness and improved towing capabilities.

• Provides a smooth and constant ride quality.

• It is often adjustable.

• Most truck models feature height adjustable suspension which is controlled by the driver. It thus makes it easier to enter the vehicle, clear bumps or clear rough terrain.

• Drivers (this applies more to cars than to trucks) can select a gentle ride if they’re on a rough road or a harsh ride if they want to improve handling.

• It is specially designed to moderate shock and minimize vibration.

• Your truck has a constant driving height, which is even lower as the original driving height of the unloaded vehicle.

• It offers better road handling and stability of the truck and trailer.

• The air suspension system filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort.

• It has a raising or kneeling facility for easy loading and unloading the vehicle.

Air suspension systems essentially replace a vehicle’s coil springs with air springs. The air springs are simply tough rubber and plastic bags inflated to a certain pressure and height to mimic the coil springs. Performing simple maintenance tasks on your truck and trailer parts can ensure the longest life and best results of the air suspension.

The country’s cargo shipments ride on air, and your truck can too. Air suspension systems have long been used, but they’ve moved into the commercial world over recent years. In addition to trucks and trailers, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, custom cars, performance cars and everyday commuter cars are using these suspension systems. And it’s about time, as the truck and trailer’s suspension system is an often overlooked area.

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