Jost is renowned in the trucking and trailer industry and has been the leading manufacturer of components for commercial vehicles. The Jost company started in 1952 with a strong belief in flexibility, technical know-how, entrepreneurial action and building a close relationship with its staff. The range of Jost equipment include Landing Legs, Fifth Wheel Couplings, Towing Hitches, Towing Eyes, Hubodometers, King Pins and various other Jost components.

Landing Legs. Jost manufactures trailer landing gear that is designed with no external gearbox. The gearing mechanism is an integral part of the sturdy leg column. This protects the gearing from abuse and minimises water intrusion. The water element can be quite damaging to the landing gear with external gear housings.

Fifth Wheel Couplings. The fifth wheel coupling device is the result of advanced technology related to safety of the locking mechanism and to the lifetime cost of ownership.

Towing Hitches. It is also known as a tow bar, which is a device that is attached to the chassis of the vehicle for towing a trailer. The Jost range is made with both quality and affordability in mind.

Towing Eyes. These are also known as Tow Eye Locks. They can be used for towing trailers in the event you don’t have a Towing Hitch.

Hubodometers. This piece of equipment has milometers working independently of the tractor unit. This is to determine the mileage of all types of wheeled vehicles such as trailers, semi-trailers, low-loaders, rolling stock and much more.

King Pins. This is a component of the coupling between the semi-trailer and the tractor unit. Jost offers different designs that make it possible to install King Pins onto any trailer easily. Jost King Pins are made of high quality, coated, forged blanks which are tested for the absence of cracks.

Other Jost Components. Jost manufactures a wide range of truck and trailer parts with the latest technology. Other components include Turntables, Trailer Supports, Couplings, Sliders and Lubricants. All these components make the truck and trailer driving experience a better and smoother one.

Jost equipment is made with truck and trailer safety in mind thus you will find that they have safety approval certificates on all of their truck and truck parts. With this safety aspect at the forefront of their product credibility, there are many Jost agents around the country that are able to give advice on which components would be best for your vehicle as well as giving you advice on how to best maintain it.

TSE Big Max cc manufactures a number of products such as trailer axles and trailer suspensions. Our engineering workshop also manufactures custom-made components related to the trailer industry.

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