Fifth Wheel Lube Liner

Code: 12LL001

MAX® Lube Liners are manufactured in-house from a resilient, robust high grade graphite-based plastic which works as an excellent buffer between your fifth wheel and kingpin rubbing plate

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fifth wheel
lube liner


  • The MAX® Lube Liner is a trailer mounted liner designed to replace the need for grease on the fifth wheel.
  • Simply fitted over the trailer king pin and retained with the included retaining clip
  • Best used on older trailers which are less-frequently coupled and decoupled
  • Reduces damage to trailer rubbing plate and fifth wheel surfaces and helps prevent a dry fifth wheel surface
  • Contains graphite – which acts a 5th wheel lubricant – and is released as the lube liner wears and when friction applies
  • Maintains a cleaner fifth wheel surface as less grease is required
  • Cheap, but effective!