MAX Products

MAX® Products are developed with durability and quality in mind. Whether designed and built in-house, or hand-sourced, the focus is always on a part, tool or accessory which is manufactured stronger, lasts longer and keeps your trucks and trailers on the road where they belong and less in the repair bay.

At TSE BIG MAX we have spent over 35 years curating and developing our range down to a fine art. Only the best make the cut and bear the MAX® name.


Through our various divisions, we cover a diverse range of products and services for the Southern African transport sector.

Our suspensions and axles are made from high grade raw materials and produced in South Africa.


  • Heavy duty trailer axles – 9 ton upwards
  • Light duty commercial trailer axles – under 9 ton
  • Tag Axles
  • Lift axles
  • Grader and unbraked off road axles
  • Suspensions and components

Manufactured in South Africa, for demanding conditions

  • MAX Tarp Cleaner
  • MAX Degreaser and Engine Cleaner
  • MAX Anti Freeze (Premix 50/50)
  • MAX Pine Gel
  • MAX Tyre Shine
  • MAX Truck Wash
  • MAX Grit Hand Cleaner
  • MAX Aluminium Cleaner
  • Loosen All Multi-purpose Spray
  • MAX Ultraseal tyre puncture sealing fluid
  • Branded mudflaps
  • Plastic tailboards and lightboxes
  • Fifth wheel lube liners
  • Branded t-shirts, PPE and corporate wear
  • Branded truck seat covers and floor mats
  • Abnormal and other signage
  • Stickers and decals
  • Branded load straps
  • Tautliner tarp branding done on request
  • Wheel bearings for trucks and trailers
  • Oil seals
  • MAXSpring trailer spring packs
  • MAXJack 2-in-1 jack/trestle stands
  • Tarpaulins and nets
  • Brake shoes and linings
  • Brake discs and pads
  • Trailer bushes, repair kits and mechanical spare parts
  • Load straps and ratchets in various ton ratings
  • Load binders and lashing chain
  • Branded straps
  • Abnormal red flags
  • Corner plates
  • Tarpaulins and nets
  • Wheel lock nuts to prevent rim and tyre theft
  • Anti-siphon fuel saver devices
  • Kingpin locks
  • Pneumatic valves for trailer, European and American trucks
  • Nylon tubing, fittings and other airbrake components
  • Electrical and air suzi coils
  • Electrical cabling
  • High end LED tail lamp technology
  • Work lamps
  • Bar lamps and truck flood/spot lights
  • Wired and solar marker lights
  • Strobe lights
  • Manufacture of new trailers on request
  • Refurbishing and repair work on trailers


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  • Max Lubricants & Detergents

    Max Truck Wash 20L

    Max Truck Wash is a tried and tested thick, undiluted, gentle yet strong detergent specially formulated for trucks and trailers but can be used for any vehicles. The thick texture and highly concentrated formula allow it to be diluted in a suitable ratio per dirt level, and make it an extremely economical and long lasting product. Just 2-3 capfuls to 20L of water is sufficient to wash a truck/trailer

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  • Max Lubricants & Detergents

    Max Magic Pine Gel

    MAX Magic Pine Gel.

    Great for tabletops, office and household floors, appliances, bathrooms, window sills and more. This pine gel is economical – a little goes a long way

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  • Max Lubricants & Detergents

    Max Grit Hand Cleaner 25kg

    MAX Grit hand cleaner is the perfect of blend of essential oils, moisturizers, grit and hand cleaning properties for stubborn dirt, grease and grime

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  • Fifth Wheels, Couplings & Landing Gear

    Fifth Wheel Lube Liner

    MAX® Lube Liners are manufactured in-house from a resilient, robust high grade graphite-based plastic which works as an excellent buffer between your fifth wheel and kingpin rubbing plate

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