VALX Products

Exceptional quality drum and disc brake axles for lightweight functionality.

The VALX axle beam is built in one of today’s newest and most advanced factories operated by Fuwa, the world’s largest axle manufacturer. Thanks to state-of-the-art machine tools and the most critical quality control procedures, the result is an unequaled combination of strength, lightness, ruggedness and reliability. Through our partnership with Fuwa, we benefit from the economies of manufacturing in China while ourselves retaining full responsibility for testing and quality.

VALX landing legs are versatile, highly durable and aestethically pleasing.

Another TSE BIG MAX exclusive.

Drum brake trailer axle


Drum brake axles

The VALX axle range in drum brake types contains:

Drum brake types

  • Hub offset 0 mm – 420 × 180 mm
  • Hub offset 0 mm – 360 × 200 mm

Meeting the needs of the widest possible range of mainstream semi-trailer applications, VALX offers an initial programme of 2 drum brake axle types with a drum brake choice of 19,5 or 22,5 inch wheel sizes and 0 mm wheel offsets. The full range of regular ride heights can be met by the MBS Weweler Air suspension, with only minimal component changes.

Drum brake trailer axle


Disk brake axles

The VALX disk brake axle range contains:

Disk brake types

  • Hub offset 120 mm – 19,5 inch
  • Hub offset 120 mm – 22,5 inch 

VALX offers an initial programme of 4 disk brake axle types. These cover most popular trailer designers and operator preferences, with a disk brake choice of 19,5 or 22,5 inch wheel sizes and 120 mm wheel offset. The full range of regular ride heights can be met by the MBS Weweler Air suspension, with only minimal component changes

Drum brake trailer axle



HD Axle

  • Weld free spindles for extreme endurance
  • Thicker axle beam for life long off-road usage
  • HD steel hubcap
  • Improved S-cam seals

Drum brake trailer axle


VALX E2! energy axle

VALX E2! energy axle

  • Turn motion into power
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • 20 Amps optimal battery charging
  • Fully independent from truck
  • Integrated brushless high efficiency generator
  • Less downtime because of low batteries
  • No connecting cables, truck adaptions or long power leads required
  • No trailer adaptions required
  • Innovative Battery Charge Indicator Unit

Drum brake trailer axle


Self Steering Axle

Self Steering Axle

The VALX self steering axle has the same outstanding durability as the well proven rigid axle. Designed, built and tested in Europe and available with disk or drum brakes.

  • Reduce tyre wear
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Improve road behaviour 
  • Reduce wear of trailer components 
  • Increase maneuverability 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Long-lasting kingpin bearings 
  • Heavy Duty locking mechanism

Drum brake trailer axle



VALX eLEG: The integrated power leg

  • Robust and compact solid aluminium gearbox casing
  • Low maintenance gearbox with low temperature premium lubricant rated from -20°C to +50°C
  • Powerful electric drive with two speed gearing and simple push button operation
  • Neutral gear position to allow backup manual operation
  • Self-sufficient maintenance free battery included with built-in battery charger
  • Available in different lengths and foot types
  • Fully weather & waterproof

VALX S450F Landing Legs

Robust design with industry leading static load and lifting capacity

• Stamped 10-hole backplate enables multiple
mounting options
• Compact gearbox with low installation depth and
high-strength forged steel gearing
• Premium E-coating for outstanding protection corrosion
and stone chipping
• Smoothly and easy operation
• Three year warranty
• Three year maintenance-free thanks to special
VALX dedicated premium grease
• Available in different lengths and shoe types
Static load capacity 60 Tonnes (Standard) /
80 Tonnes (Heavy Duty)
Lifting capacity 25t Tonnes
Low gear ratio 1 mm per turn
High gear ratio 12 mm per turn
Competitive weight starting from 89 kg

The VALX axle concept has been designed to bring new value to trailer builders and fleet operators, cutting cost of ownership with absolutely no compromise in quality. Quality is key in every aspect of the VALX axle concept. The simple but smart design is based on thoroughly proven technology.

Robust concept

The key focus in designing the VALX axle was creating a robust concept enabling the highest-quality manufacturing. Some of the most important aspects of the axle have even been slightly over-designed, putting the emphasis on safety and reliability.

Numerous detail improvements

Although avoiding untested innovations, the design includes numerous detail improvements that deliver clear benefits. For example the ultra-strong seamless, cold-drawn axle beam, which is non‑welded to eliminate any possible weakening or material degradation, and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other axle in Europe. Or the easy-to-assemble clamped suspension mounting, which uses no welds or U-bolts.