Made in Finland. Mudguards for Extreme Conditions.

Possibly the strongest mudguards on the planet. TSE BIG MAX is proud to have a more than 30 year association with Parlok mudguards and toolboxes.

We improve road safety with the most cost-effective, durable and strongest products on the market. They are very light-weight and visually attractive. We don’t apply for approvals just to hang them on the wall but instead we are proud to fulfill the requirements to 100%. Our operations also fulfill the strict requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards. To Your benefit!

We offer a wide variety of mudguards in different forms and sizes, with or without anti-spray, used in commercial vehicles. They are all made of the very durable PE-HD plastic (high-density polyethylene) manufactured in Parlok’s unique production plant in Finland, and which gives them a well-finished appearance. Now also available in various colours!