Parlok Dual 1/2 Round Mudguards

Code: 15MG100P

Suitable for dual fitment (315R22.5 or 12R22.5 tyres or similar)

Parlok Tool Boxes and Mudguards are of the highest quality European spec and designed to withstand the toughest African conditions. Parlok products are exclusive to TSE BIG MAX within Africa.

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1/2 round
dual mudguard
white line


Mudguard 650×1900 R630 White Line

The original Parlok White Line® mudguard. Made of PE-HD (high density polyethylene) with large range of usage temperature and excellent chemical resistance. Strong against wear & tear and light in weight. A wide range of lengths and widths can be made to various requirements.

+ Recyclable raw material PE-HD (high-density polyethylene)

+ Large range of usage temperature from -50°C to +80°C

+ Good chemical resistance

+ Very light weight

+ Easy to install

+ Integrated spray-suppression available

+ Large selection of different sizes

+ High impact resistance

+ Attractive design

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 1900 × 650 × 950 mm