MaxJack 30 Ton

Code: 09MJ001

Manufactured by TSE BIG MAX in South Africa, the MaxJack™ is a tried and tested trailer lifting tool with a dual purpose! It functions as both a trestle and a jack in one swift motion. Simply position one on either side of your trailer axle and drive onto it. The swiveling action will lift your trailer up safely and efficiently so you can work on it. Eliminates the danger factor of having someone jacking up the vehicle with a hydraulic jack and then placing a trestle under it. Increases your efficiency and reduces overall maintenance time by incorporating two tasks into one tool.

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Whenever you need to do a tyre change or repair brake linings or bearings on a heavy load trailer, you can rely on the MaxJack™ 30-Ton R22.5 Workshop unit to cut down-time dramatically.

It lifts a trailer axle faster than any conventional system – in fact, the entire process can be achieved in less than 10 secs.

The MaxJack uses driving motion from the horse to lift & lower trailer axles. Because nobody is required underneath for the lifting and lowering procedures, the result is a far safer working environment. Once the MaxJack is upright, it transforms into an axle support stand with a safe working
load of 30 tons. Where a complete axle or empty trailer needs to be lifted, you will need to use TWO MaxJacks per axle.

• Reduces down-time considerably. On the road, time is money.
• Tailor-made for heavy load trailer axles only.
• The MAXJack 30 ton is designed to fit any square or round axle on modern trailers.

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Important Notes

* Two required per axle
* The MaxJack is not designed to work on tractors, buses or any other vehicle that does not fit into the above mentioned category i.e: heavy load trailer running on R22.5 tyres.
* Do not exceed the 30 Ton weight limit.
* After all lifting procedures have been followed correctly & carefully, the MaxJack is capable of lifting the trailer by the axle(s) when driving onto it until it swivels into the upright position. The entire lifting process can take less than 10 seconds.
* Practice safety first! Although there is tactile feedback when the vehicle is fully mounted, it is best to have someone on the ground watching that the mounting process is done correctly and ensuring that the driver does not drive too far and overshoot the MaxJack!